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– Celebrating togetherness and being in good company

As leaseholders, Evenues has had responsibility for Moltkes Palæ since 2021. Our aim is to elevate functions and large gatherings to an even higher level of quality, gastronomy and planning, and for us, Moltkes Palæ is much more than simply a collection of event rooms.

Since the acquisition, furniture and fixtures have been upgraded to feature Danish craftsmanship and design. This elegant style, classic and modern at the same time, has had a key influence on the transformation. As in everything we do, the renovation has been undertaken with respect for the mansion’s original design and history.

Moltkes Palæs historical and beautiful halls and parlours only truly come to life with the presence of our guests, when you invite friends, family or colleagues to enjoy wedding celebrations, birthdays, Christmas parties, conferences, or when we open the doors to the public for events such as Culture Night or music concerts. With an extraordinary setting that dates as far back as 1702, we strive to present a vibrant entertainment venue in the very heart of Copenhagen.

For our guests and clients, it has never been easier to plan and execute flawless parties, events or functions. At Moltkes Palæ, we do all the heavy lifting in terms of planning, execution and service, so you can focus on your guests and delight in their company. We offer complete, end-to-end solutions for your event or function, all with a distinct focus on gastronomy and hosting of the utmost quality.

Our aim

Moltkes Palæ’s ambition is to elevate functions and large gatherings to an even higher level of quality, gastronomy and planning. The entire interior, including chairs, lighting, lounge areas and exquisite window treatments by &drape, was concieved in collaboration with Danielsen Spaceplanning.

Our unwavering focus on gastronomy allows us to elevate the standard for event catering in terms of both taste and aesthetics. At Moltkes Palæ, we want our guests to experience us as more than an haute cuisine restaurant and banquet venue. You will be pampered and indulged.

In order to deliver service and execution in a class of its own, we hire only the best people and collaborate with the premium players in the industry. We work to ensure that our clients and guests at Moltkes Palæ enjoy a magnificent setting and service where you, alongside your family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances can celebrate and take delight in each other’s company. We take care of the rest.

Den Gyldne Sal, Moltkes Palæ


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