Christian X’s saloner




The two adjoining rooms of Christian X’s Salons are Moltkes Palæ’s smallest and most intimate spaces. The parlour are comprised of a small anteroom and a larger salon.

Both spaces have been upgraded with new fixtures and furnishings featuring Danish design names such as Gubi and &Drape, accented with dried flower art from Holly Flower Studios.

In collaboration with carpenter and alderman for the Copenhagen Carpenters’ Guild, Mads Raaschou, a one-of-a-kind and completely new private dining and boardroom table was crafted and installed in the larger of the two rooms. This magnificent 14-person masterpiece crafted from Rio rosewood imbues the salon with an appropriately unique ambience for those times when you or your business are seeking an inspiring and distinctive venue for a confidential meeting or private dining event.

As with everywhere in Moltkes Palæ, one finds indelible traces of the past. The fireplace in the Christian X’s Saloner features an intertwined monogram with the initials V and A. They represent Ulrik Frederik Gyldenløve, the man who built Moltkes Palæ, and his wife Antoinette Von Aldenburg. The double monogram is from 1702 and is considered to be Moltkes Palæ’s “birth certificate”.



Christian X’s Saloner feature a 14-person table in the centre of the room, therefore offering the natural setup.

Seating capacity for up to 14 guests

Store Festsal

Up to 400 guests

Dronninggaard Salon

Add-on bookings available at an additional charge.

Ground floor

Add-on bookings available at an additional charge for 400+ guests


Gyldne Sal

Up to 150 guests

Venezia Salon

Add-on bookings available at an additional charge.


Up to 150 guests

Grønne Salon

Up to 60 guests

Floor plan

Floor plan, first floor


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