A unique bar in a Nordic setting


Fine drinking is front and center at our ambitious new bar, Artemisia.

Located in Moltke’s Palæ, Artemisia is an exclusive suite of rooms, with a hand-crafted bar at its center. Artemisia is also the source of all drinks served at events in Moltke’s Palæ.

In an innovative space wihin our 300-year-old mansion, exciting flavors are carefully extracted and nurtured from indigenous and sustainable ingredients. Taking inspiration from The Manifesto for the New Nordic Kitchen – a part of the Nordic Cuisine movement – Artemisia takes its name from a family of plants which provide the raw materials for vermouth and absinth.


The concept

The drinks we create come with meaning and purpose.  Our ambition is that our guests indulge themselves in a fine drinking experience where invention, technique and craft deliver clean and vibrant flavors.

In the spirit of Artemis, the Hellenic goddess of the forest, wild foraged ingredients bring herbal undertones and freshness to the menu. Meanwhile, high quality, local and organic ingredients and spirits from Danish suppliers add to a creative and varied offering. We also have an exciting range of non-alcoholic and low ABV options.


Craftsmanship at its finest

Styled with an urban and contemporary approach, Danish design is at the heart of Artemisia’s interior design. Each detail has been carefully curated, with furnishings and interiors from leading design names including GUBI, &tradition, &drape, Nuura and Made a Mano to lend an atmosphere of Nordic flair to the space. Artemisia also features exhibitions by acclaimed Danish artists and is currently displaying works by Frederik Næblerød, Anna Petri and Francis Bowie.

Our one of our kind bar, handcrafted by Raaschou, takes center stage and sets the tone for this unique space, unlike any other venue in Copenhagen.

The Artemisia bartenders layer flavors in every drink and use their skill to bring each cocktail to life – from this complexity comes the simplistic pleasure which punctuates all of Artemisia’s recipes. In this way, we not only offer a high class serving of drinks, but also craftmanship at its finest – Nothing could be more suitable for Moltke’s Palæ, the historic home of the craft guilds of Copenhagen.



Gyldne Sal

Up to 150 guests

Dronninggaard Salon

Add-on bookings available at an additional charge.

Ground floor

Add-on bookings available at an additional charge for 400+ guests


Grønne Salon

Add-on bookings available at an additional charge.

Venezia Salon

Add-on bookings available at an additional charge.

Christian X's Saloner

Up to 14 guests

Floor plan

Floor plan, first floor


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